When you are visiting Melbourne, it can be wearisome to depend on the public transportation system especially when you are travelling with a family or kids in tow.

The other options would be to opt for a group tour or going for a car hire in Melbourne. However you don’t get much flexibility on group tours and car rentals in Melbourne can be quite expensive. Or are they?

While most other companies with cars for hire in Melbourne charge you an arm and a leg, this is not the case with Atlas Rent. We have gained a reputation for our cheap car rental Melbourne service that saves you a lot of money compared to other standard options. For instance, our car hire in Melbourne starts from as low as $19 a day!

While we offer cheap hire cars in Melbourne, this doesn’t mean that you will get a clunker. Far from that in fact, as all our cars are modern models that are well maintained and serviced to ensure your comfort and safety while you are exploring our beautiful city.

Our rental cars are offered without any hidden costs and everything will be transparently laid out before we hand the keys out to you. This ensures that you will not be hit by a steep surprise bill when you return the car to us.

Apart from extremely affordable costs, the locations of our cheap car rental in Melbourne make hiring a car from us a very attractive proposition. We have two convenient locations from which to pick up and drop off your vehicle, with the most convenient one being our Tullamarine branch which is just 2km away from the airport.

Our other location is located in Preston, which is just a short drive to the city centre as well as Melbourne Airport. To add to the convenience, our cheap car hire Melbourne also comes with a free shuttle service to and from the airport during business hours.

In short, there is no better way to enjoy your trip than getting around by car and there is no better company for cheap car rentals in Melbourne than Atlas Rent.