• Q: Can I rent a vehicle one-way?

    Yes – search now for one-way rates or contact one of our locations if you need assistance.

  • Q: How old to I have to be to rent?

    We rent cars to drivers aged 21 and over.

  • Q: What happens if I receive a fine during my hire?

    All drivers are responsible for any fines received. When ATLAS receives a fine, a statutory declaration is completed whereby you will be nominated as the driver of the vehicle and signed by the relevant authority. An administration fee will be charged for this service and the funds debited from your supplied credit card.

  • Q: What is a pre-authorisation?

    A pre-authorisation is a ‘hold’ on your credit card that is used as a form of protection whilst you are renting a vehicle. Please note that your bank will hold the pre-authorisation amount and not ATLAS Car & Truck Rental.  In many cases, a pre-authorisation is released by your bank within 7-10 business days for national banks and up to 21 days for international banks.

  • Q: Where are you located?

    We have locations throughout the Eastern part of Australia. You can view them all here.