Gold Coast Airport

Serviced by Tugun (482 Golden Four Drive) Gold Coast, Queensland

Phone: 1800 808 122 or +61 3 8336-6100

Once you have collected your baggage and have all you passengers ready, please call the branch on phone number 1800 808 122 or +61 3 8336 6100 to inform us you have arrived and ready for a pick up service. Once you have informed our staff of your arrival please follow their directions to the following pick up points:


Exit the terminal door and turn left, walk to the end of the terminal and wait at the circle parking bay (Shuttle and Coach Collection point) wait till you will see the Atlas shuttle pull up and park safely, then approach the driver.

Operating hours:

Mon 7am - 5pm
Tues 7am - 5pm
Wed 7am - 5pm
Thur 7am - 5pm
Fri 7am - 5pm
Sat 7am - 5pm
Sun 7am - 5pm

No Out of Hours service available and no key drop option, vehicle must be collected and returned during operating hours:

All Rentals require a Bond or Security. Atlas does not accept CASH as a security or Bond for your rental Vehicle, it can only accept Credit Cards – MasterCard & Visa or Visa Debit Cards & MasterCard Debit Cards. The name on the credit card must match the name on the hirer's drivers licence. (Prepaid credit cards are not accepted)

The required bond amounts are:

Visa / Mastercard Credit Cards $350
Visa / Mastercard Debit Cards $1000

Roadside Assistance:

Kia: 131 542
Nissan: 1800 035 035
Holden 1800 817 100
Renult 1800 009 008
Toyota: 1800 176 837
Hyundai: 1800186 306
Hino: 1800 694 466
Volkswagen (VW): 1800 637 181

For further Roadside assistance, please call PJM FLEET CARE, Advise you have a PJM fleet vehicle provided from Atlas and quote the below membership number:
PJM FLEET:1800 069 907
Membership No. 4164978