Cairns Airport

410 Sheridan Street Cairns, Queensland

Phone: 1800 808 122 or +61 3 8336-6100


Once you have collected your baggage and have all your passengers ready, please call the branch on phone number 1800 808 122 or +61 3 8336 6100 to inform us you have arrived and ready for a pick up service. We will then offer you directions on how to meet us for shuttle bus collection:

Pickup instructions

Please read the instructions below so that you can find us on arrival. Instructions are different depending on your arrival terminal.

Domestic terminal

- Call us when you have landed.
- Once you have collected your luggage, exit the terminal out of glass doors and turn left.
- On the floor there will be a blue or a green line.
- Follow the line past the taxis and the buses.
- Cross over the pedestrian crossing to the courtesy coach pick up area.
- Wait there for a red bus with Airport Shuttle on the side.

International terminal

- Call us when you have landed.
- When exiting terminal out of the glass doors turn right.
- Look for green line on the floor.
- Follow that to the undercover area that takes you to the courtesy coach pick up area.
- Wait for red bus with Airport Shuttle on the side.

Operating hours:

Mon 7am - 5pm
Tues 7am - 5pm
Wed 7am - 5pm
Thur 7am - 5pm
Fri 7am - 5pm
Sat 7am - 5pm
Sun 7am - 5pm

No Out of Hours service available and no key drop option, vehicle must be returned during operating hours:

All Rentals require a Bond or Security. Atlas does not accept CASH as a security or Bond for your rental Vehicle, it can only accept Credit Cards – MasterCard & Visa or Visa Debit Cards & MasterCard Debit Cards. The name on the credit card must match the name on the hirer's drivers licence. (Prepaid credit cards are not accepted)

The required bond amounts are:

Visa / Mastercard Credit Cards $350
Visa / Mastercard Debit Cards $1000

Roadside Assistance:

Kia: 131 542
Nissan: 1800 035 035
Holden 1800 817 100
Renult 1800 009 008
Toyota: 1800 176 837
Hyundai: 1800186 306
Hino: 1800 694 466
Volkswagen (VW): 1800 637 181

For further Roadside assistance, please call PJM FLEET CARE, Advise you have a PJM fleet vehicle provided from Atlas and quote the below membership number:
PJM FLEET:1800 069 907
Membership No. 4164978